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if someone told me “you’re jewish, leave” i’m not going to be happier because they say they did it for palestine or because they’re lgbt or because they’re a “revolutionary”

All Antisemites Are Bastards

ugh this entire incident is so fucking annoying. like okay, i think it’s natural for all Palestinians to have certain complicated and overwhelmingly negative feelings towards the star of david, simply because of what it recalls for us. however my next question is: who is this claiming to “feel unsafe” bc it doesn’t sound like something a Palestinian would say. believe you me, Palestinians are some of the most thick skinned people on this earth and it takes a lot more than just a symbol to rattle us or make us feel unsafe. i attend a university where people openly and brazenly and without accountability sport “party like it’s 1948” tshirts; it’s going to take more than a star of david to shake me. tbh this sounds to me like misguided allies being misguided.
beyond that, i also think it’s entirely unreasonable and inappropriate to reduce and link almost 6,000 years of Jewish history and symbolism to Zionism so absolutely and so thoughtlessly. in some ways, this ban seems to perpetuate the zionist lie that Zionism and Judaism must be intertwined at every point and that what is Jewish is Zionist and vice versa. we can and must examine the links between Judaism, Jewish identity, and Zionism but we must not allow a conflating of these things. this is irrelevant, unproductive, counter productive, and entirely inappropriate.

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