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June 26 2017

greg rucka didn’t reimagine batwoman to be a jewish lesbian for chicago to ban jewish pride flags at their dyke march

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She’s here, She’s queer, She’s Machmir, and she’ll kick your anti-Semitic ass.

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When does criticism of Israel become antisemitic?


It is possible to criticize Israel without being antisemitic.

Certainly, some ardent supporters of Israel would disagree – they would be wrong. The Israeli government, particularly at the behest of its right wing, continues to antagonize the Arab world through means like the West Bank settlement constructions and poor treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Consequently, Israel also provides fodder for its opponents.

The argument that this behavior is unnecessarily incendiary, that Israel’s modus operandi – taking more land to increase security – achieves the opposite outcome by putting the country in an even more precarious position, is not antisemitic.

All of this said, the equation of Israel to a European colonial power is ill-informed, reductive and potentially antisemitic. Nonetheless, this has become unfortunately fashionable, particularly in leftist circles. I have heard the words “Jewish racial supremacy” used unironically to describe the basis of Israel’s existence.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The proximate reason for Israel’s establishment in 1948 was the Holocaust. Sympathy for the staggering loss to the Jewish community (and perhaps guilt) galvanized the United Nations to endorse a Jewish state. But once again, let’s not kid ourselves – the Holocaust was not the first time Europeans ruthlessly persecuted and murdered Jews.

Antisemitism may have been born in Egypt, but it blossomed in Europe. For over a millennium, the Catholic Church blamed the Jews for the murder of Jesus.

This and consequential myths about the Jews formed the basis of religious antisemitism – hatred of Jews based on their religious views rather than perceived racial inferiority (racial antisemitism, as we now know, would rear its ugly head later). Europe’s Jews were accused of ridiculous offenses, ranging from blood libel to causing the Black Plague; they were expelled from Spain during the Inquisition. Religious antisemitism fueled the flames of the pogroms that began in the 14th century, and would eventually consume hundreds of thousands of Jews in Eastern Europe.

The Enlightenment, despite its rejection of religion and the resulting ebb of religious antisemitism, helped plant the seeds of eugenics, social Darwinism and racial antisemitism. These are fundamentally racist ideals – the perfectibility of the human population, the biological struggle between different races and the inferiority of the Jews, respectively. And they were requisite to the systematic murder of six million Jews known as the Holocaust.

As they plowed through Eastern Europe murdering thousands of Jews en masse, the Einsatzgruppen certainly didn’t consider their victims “racially superior.”

The officials at Auschwitz-Birkenau didn’t cram close to a million Jews into gas chambers to suffocate on Zyklon-B because of “Jewish racial superiority.” No, to the Nazis, the Jews were scum to be brutally scrubbed away to protect the hallowed Aryan race.

Europe loathed its Jews for centuries. For the most part, the countries that acquiesced to the Nazis eagerly surrendered their Jewish citizens. A particularly striking case is Vichy France. Even the birthplace of the Enlightenment, of “liberté, égalité, fraternité,” needed little prodding to betray its Jewish sons and daughters.

Palestine, and, later, Israel, was a sanctuary for refugees of increasingly antisemitic Europe. The First Aliya, or wave of Jewish immigration, at the end of the 19th century, was predominantly Eastern European. These Jews largely intended to escape rabidly antisemitic czarist Russia. The surge in German immigration to Palestine in 1933, 1934 and 1935 is particularly telling.

These Jews sought refuge from the Nazi regime, the early stages of which included Hitler’s ascendance and the Nuremberg Laws.

These Holocaust escapees (and, later, Holocaust survivors), were a substantial part of Israel’s population.

These refugees illuminate a fundamental truth: Israel is inextricably linked with the Jews. A conversation about Israel’s existence as a Jewish state is also one about a sanctuary for thousands of Jews persecuted by European regimes. Likening Israel to a European colonial power is not only logically flawed, but also downright offensive to those Jewish refugees spurned by these very European colonial powers.

Israel exists as a Jewish state because, despite centuries of assimilation, the world – particularly Europe – failed the Jews. To those who passionately and categorically condemn Israel, I urge you not to ignore history for the sake of argument. It’s tempting to impose a neat victim-perpetrator binary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It’s easy to deem Israel no different from the racist European colonial powers that dominated the world for over four centuries – the same racist European colonial powers that attempted to systematically eliminate the Jews, many of whom found refuge in Israel.

It is easy. But it’s also wrong.

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Happy Pride Month everyone!



if someone told me “you’re jewish, leave” i’m not going to be happier because they say they did it for palestine or because they’re lgbt or because they’re a “revolutionary”

All Antisemites Are Bastards

ugh this entire incident is so fucking annoying. like okay, i think it’s natural for all Palestinians to have certain complicated and overwhelmingly negative feelings towards the star of david, simply because of what it recalls for us. however my next question is: who is this claiming to “feel unsafe” bc it doesn’t sound like something a Palestinian would say. believe you me, Palestinians are some of the most thick skinned people on this earth and it takes a lot more than just a symbol to rattle us or make us feel unsafe. i attend a university where people openly and brazenly and without accountability sport “party like it’s 1948” tshirts; it’s going to take more than a star of david to shake me. tbh this sounds to me like misguided allies being misguided.
beyond that, i also think it’s entirely unreasonable and inappropriate to reduce and link almost 6,000 years of Jewish history and symbolism to Zionism so absolutely and so thoughtlessly. in some ways, this ban seems to perpetuate the zionist lie that Zionism and Judaism must be intertwined at every point and that what is Jewish is Zionist and vice versa. we can and must examine the links between Judaism, Jewish identity, and Zionism but we must not allow a conflating of these things. this is irrelevant, unproductive, counter productive, and entirely inappropriate.

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JEB (Joan E. Biren), untitled (August 23, 1983)


When I was first looking for Jewish lesbians to photograph, in 1980 and 1981, it was difficult to find anyone willing to identify herself publicly in this way. After Nice Jewish Girls was published in 1982, things began to change. But when I saw this woman with a sign saying “Another Jewish Lesbian…” I almost couldn’t believe it. “Another”—as though we are so ordinary, as though Jewish lesbians walk around the streets all the time with big signs announcing who we are. I loved the proud feeling of this woman as she walked with the other people who had come to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the great 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington.

JEB. 1989. “That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Like a Jewish Lesbian”. in Nice Jewish Girls: A Lesbian Anthology, revised and updated ed, edited by Evelyn Torton Beck, 144–158. Boston: Beacon Press.

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“You get to decide how you are identified.” Every TSA employee (and person in general) should follow Darlena’s lead. The comments on Amanda’s post are even more heartwarming — she even responded to several people.






Did I ever tell you guys how much I love Avatar Kyoshi?


Just look at those moves.


Death once had a near Kyoshi experience.

Kyoshi died in her sleep because if she had been awake Death knew there would have been a brawl.

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reblog for jewish & muslim characters


ignore for  christian normativity


This D*ke March antisemitism is hitting me so hard. Of course all antisemitism hurts me, I’m Jewish. But it’s that much harder when it comes from another community of which I am also a part: I’m a lesbian. I’m consistently subjected to antisemitism in LGBT spaces under the guise of antisemitism.

But this?

I’m going home to my family, who live exactly where Boy’s Town (the historic gay neighborhood in Chicago) and one of the biggest the Jewish neighbourhoods meet.

Living there, in Chicago, as a Jewish Lesbian was the one place I really felt like could be authentically myself and true to all my intersecting identites.

I always wanted to return, dreamed of raising a Jewish family there one day with my partner.

Now that has been taken from me. That love, that sense of security, safety and acceptance. It’s gone.

I just want people to know how personal this is for me so that when we’re talking about it, if you’re trying to defend the organizers of the March, you realize how real the impact of their actions is. For me and for people like me.



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For all your Jewish-Pride needs. Reblog to make a goy angry :)

Reblog to make Jewish LGBTQIA+ people feel recognized and loved


In all the discourse about things boys do (crack open a cold one, come to the yard, are back in town) not once has someone mentioned the good old boys drinking whiskey and rye and singing “this’ll be the day that I die” and I will not stand for this good old boys erasure


the fact that you know they wouldn’t kick people out of d*ke march over an american flag (or the very popular rainbow version) should tip you off that this isn’t really about anti-imperialism or anti-colonialism, it’s about anti-semitism

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I wanna make a t-shirt that says “does my queer Judaism trigger you?” And just @ the Chicago dyke March

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I made this in honor of all jewish lesbians. (and jewish wlw in general). we’re valid, we are not a threat, we belong at pride, and we should be allowed to march the way we have been marching for years. 

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How Did They Get That Shot?

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